Flatiron Building Expansion

Flatiron Building Expansion

Our Flatiron Building expansion is being constructed in phases with the first phase is to group construct a Renewable Energy Facility which will remotely generate 100% of the electric power needs of the Flatiron Building located 10 miles away at 20 Battery Park Avenue in downtown Asheville.

The second phase will involve construction of the 16 buildings a running trails that connect directly to buncombe county new Greenway Project.

Current Progress:

The Flatiron has acquired the property in Weaverville on Reems Creek Road. and an engineered sealed plans for the construction of an onsite Renewable Energy Facility that will generate a proposed 499 kW(s) per hour of sunlight.  The Reems Creek energy project has been registered with both Federal Regulatory and North Carolina Utility Commission have been approved via Notice of Proposed Construction of a Renewable Energy Facility.

The electrical energy produced by the Weaverville facility will be initial contracted power output will the Historic Flatiron Building in Asheville. Using a little know FERC regulation which allows movement of power over the existing Power Grid.

Renewable electrical energy generation continues to play a central role in alleviating the concerns raised by our national dependence on fossil fuels. In order to promote the growth and economic stability renewable energy generation, both the federal government and many state governments have created economic and financial incentives the renewable energy industry. These incentives, along with consumer demand for green energy,  will continue to create a market niche. This niche is where the Flatiron operates in its desire to construct and manage a renewable energy power facility.

In the long term, the Flatiron will take advantage of upcoming federal funding for the development of a new technology along with workforce development opportunities. The Flatiron has renewabilities, support our small business community and be part of the solution!

The project involves property located at 143 Reems Creek Road near Weaverville, North Carolina .


  • Phase 1 Solar Arrays (Link ForthComing)

Solar Array 3

A group array of Photovoltaic Modules made up of 468 individual modules. Together they are placed on to the US Power Grid as a Renewable Energy Facility. each owner takes advantage of tax incentives from the State of North Carolina and the Federal governm

Status: Booked
Bob A. Louie: $6,000.00
4 solar modules
Status: Booked
Rudy Baeger: $1,500.00
Purchase 13 modules


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