Western North Carolina’s first planned sustainable business campus, 10 minutes from Asheville, NC


Follow us for updates on our sustainable project, including solar power array, green building designs, building permits, and pre-sales.

#renewabilites has the latest on sustainable development in North Carolina including construction, power, and water conservation.

sustainable campus has our original concept video and 3D development plan model. Look for updates on this sustainable campus.

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  • Financial Implications of COVID-19 for Water and Wastewater Utilities March 26, 2020
    Water and wastewater utilities are adapting to the rapidly changing conditions imposed across the country and the world by the COVID-19 pandemic. With stay-at-home orders, closures of schools, restaurants, and other businesses, and major disruptions to the workforce and operations, utilities are changing practices and procedures every day to continue to operate and provide the […]
  • Regionalization: Five Key Takeaways with Resources! March 18, 2020
    In the past few years, the EFC has been asked to evaluate the different financial impacts of regionalization, from simple shared services agreements to full-on consolidation. Additionally, we have been evaluating barriers to and opportunities for the creation of new and different governance models. We have identified some key takeaways and, in the process, developed […]
  • What’s the Use? Assessing Trends in North Carolina’s Residential Water Use March 5, 2020
    After droughts and in light of future concerns over water resources, the topic of conservation has risen in importance. While regional differences in supply concerns exist across the United States and even on a smaller scale, within states, there have been consistent pushes on a federal-level to move towards more efficient use without customer behavior […]
  • Reclaim Review: A Snapshot of the 2019 Survey and Legislation in Arizona February 19, 2020
    Written by Ashley Bleggi As far back as 1926, Arizona has been a leader in the ever evolving world of water reuse. With the release of the 2019 Arizona Water and Wastewater Rates Dashboard, we want to take a look at the recent insights our surveys have uncovered, as well as the current state of […]

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Energy Condo Reems Creek Weaverville

In the beautiful Valley Reems Creek in Weaverville, a new solar powered light industrial mixed-used development is leading a new way of doing business. Entrepreneur, General Contractor and Electrical Contractor Russell Thomas, CEO of REBG, Inc. along with a local architect group, have designed a sustainable business campus set to host innovative and green businesses that reach for the triple bottom line.

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