About the Developer Russell Thomas

russell-thomasPresident, Russell Thomas is the President of the Flatiron Commercial Condominium Association and is acting building general manager. He has thirty years experience in property development, project management, in addition to holding a unique set of North Carolina State licenses which include; Unlimited Electrical and General Contracting as well as a NC Real Estate Brokers license. This coupled with agreements for professional consultants which include engineers, architect, legal, accounting, and compliance/project evaluation consultants. REBG has the expertise to bring the Reems Creek Renewable Energy Facility to compliance, completion, and then profitability.

Community Marketing Technology

Natural Communications provides the most advanced Community Marketing Technology and Services. We provide strategically located broadcast points at the street level for interactive media and communication. The system is complex, yet each component is easy to use and access.

Integrating various options for consumer targeted broadcasting.

  •             Unique positioning of devices: BeamPost/ Cameras / Flatscreens
  •             Destination Web Communities. Community has a presence both 3d and virtually

Natural Communications is able to direct multiple messages and brands directly into niegborhoods and the street and broadcast it across a range of communication media. Marketing Community Based Software and Hardware Integration

  • Homogolous environment providing Print, Audio, Video, Internet Communities
  • Using a unique neighborhood event calander
  • Reciprocal promotion where community members promote each other, this is done throught the printing of the event calander, souvenier, 3 hour advance advertisting

Downtown Radio™ provides pinpoint delivery of streaming music featuring local artists and compelling neighborhood advertisements to your storefront.

Downtown Video Venues™ provides live internet broadcasting with the ability to connect to existing security cameras for private or public viewing. We can create new video surveillance systems that either promote internet tourism interests (public parks,

Roadways, events) or completely secure and private surveillance.

Remote Shopping™ provides retailers with the ability to broadcast live video footage of products in their store for customers remotely viewing over the internet who direct the sales/camera person over the telephone.

BeamCity™ Infrastructure connects fiber with wireless bridges creating mega wireless grids or wireless wide area networks (WWANs). Need a WiFi Metropolitan Grid or maybe just a neighborhood or development completely covered with broadband internet access? BeamCity™ Infrastructure integrates secure public access with complete compatibility with TAPI, PDA Wireless Access, Bluetooth, IR, and Palm. These networks can be public, private, or government accessible with appropriate security. Additionally, each network can be sponsored with push page login’s and entry portals providing branding, income, and advertising revenues. The BeamCity™ Infrastructure combines Wifi Access +Architectural Integration creating custom sculptural representations of internet access.

  • +Live Camera integration (accessory/option)
  • +Event Management (Merchant Sponsors)


Supplemental Websites Uniquely Branded for your business

  • Can Provide Ad revenue
  • Remote Shopping Features
  • Event Calandering System
  • Cross promotion features
  •  Local Weather and News
  •  Live Chat
  • Live Internet video channels (security monitoring, remoteshopping.net)
  • Merchant Portals (remoteshopping.net, custom branded merchant beamsites,)


  • Archectual HotSpot Markers (Identifies a Hotspot zone/area(i.e. Beampost))
  • Video Touch Screen Kiosk (accessory/option)
  • Video Monitoring System(mmh, afap, lorrianes,flatiron,(accessory/option)
  • Sidewalk printing (accessory/option)
  • Sidewalk radio(accessory/option)


Instant Email™ (go to instantemail.net for more)

  • Mobile Email Server Solutions
  • PDA Software (features…Send/Receive Email, Deferred Email, VCal Datebook Creation, Email Forwarding, On-the-fly Autoreply)