Business through Education

 “Business through Education”

spirit-of-renewabilitiesThe Renewabilities philosophy is “business through education”.  This philosophy is backed by three essential principles: “work hard”, “work smart” and the “power of many”. Renewabilities’ encourages independent contractors, small businesses, non-profit and government institutions to engage in classical apprenticeships, internships and on-the-job training. We see the early 21st century as a time of the deepening relationship between prosperity and skill development. For us “renewability” in general is about the hope within each potential student of life to rise to the next level of competence.

Education is a driver for business. Apprenticeships help develop new generations of technically competent and real-world experienced workers. Training for any discipline helps build excellence and inspires innovation.

Henry Firestone

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Western North Carolina needs a highly trained workforce. We wish to strengthen our regions’ human capital resources by advancing appropriate training session, certifications along with hands-on experience. We feel that Western North Carolina’s business economy is best served by engaging regional education institutions and the business community at-large in partnerships focused on on-the-job training, apprenticeships and internships. Our Renewabilities Center project provides a real brick and mortar market development and a long arc of training opportunities. Renewabilities many initiatives are guided by central mission of strengthening our community by joining those who are willing to teach with those who are able to learn.

“To be competitive, corporations need to recast social and environmental problems as business growth opportunities. These schools are leading the way in providing students with the skills that are becoming increasingly valuable to the bottom line. Such skills are needed to meet the emerging challenges of climate change, water scarcity, labor issues, and poverty alleviation with innovative technologies and entrepreneurship.”

Jonathan Lash, President of World Resources Institute”

 Our informal classes on National Electric Code (NEC) along with computer science classes and hands on training in multiple trades and professions such as graphic art, electrical, mechanical and real estate and many others are held regularly at our downtown location.

Welcome to the well known school of hard knocks.

Renewable energy development, green architecture, construction, and cradle-to-cradle mechanical design will create economic well-being. Industries which have used “bio-mimicry”create “smart infrastructure” and built inner environment. Natures’ unique formula for regeneration and sustainability is being used as a blueprint for our own society.  The inherent efficiency found within natural systems are also part of the economic progress of our own local community.   The concept of sustainable has become mainstream and is inspiring new business opportunities that are in harmony with nature. From photovoltaic design to natural building materials and innovations in energy efficiency, the principle of renewability has inspired a “green rush”. This implies that our human capital should have the capacity to renew its own knowledge base and become technically proficient in the fields that these sustainable science driven opportunities represent.

At the Renewabilities Campus, our goal is to provide local small business professionals with a highly trained workforce pool while supplying that same professional with continuing education opportunities. Development of  a companies workforce through education and  specialized training insures less call backs and customer service problems. We focus on giving the small business and its workforce technical and business relationship training. Tomorrow’s workforce require expertise in implementing the science of sustainability in our communities, businesses, institutions and government. Continuing education credits for electricians, plumbers, general contractors, real estate agents, engineers, architects, planners, project managers and sustainable system installers is our way of achieving this goal.

The principle, of “renewability” is found everywhere in nature. The last twenty years of sustainability science research have demonstrated that natures’ renewing cycles can be used to evolve the design and efficiency of our own business systems.

Joseph B. Malki, CEO of

Our philosophy of creating business through renewable education and skills training is based on providing future generations skilled and trained technical and entrepreneurial human capital to innovate, solve, manage and administer, sustainable infrastructure. If our goal is to develop a true green community, this renewabilities campus concept will assist in guiding our workforce towards that important goal.

In general, our mission is to equip a wide variety of professionals with the understanding of the social, environmental, and economic perspectives required for competing in this global economy.

Jonathan Lash Source: The World Resources Institute,