Community Commitment


Community Commitment

The historic Flatiron Building’s renewabilities project is a Community Commitment and a demonstration of how independent business can build a business community. Located in downtown Asheville at the corner of Battery Park & Wall Street, this landmark office building has long been a hub for small business in the Asheville area. Over the course of the Flatiron’s  88 years history has evolved into a campus-style environment, providing thousands of local small business owners with an all-inclusive low-cost solution for their small business.

The Flatiron’s historic restoration project began in September 1985 has now continued for over 30 years. Asheville’s landmark office building the Flatiron is credited as the catalyst in the success of Asheville’s downtown revitalization because of its business lifestyle approach. A Small business Campus of over 80 small business with a focus on amenities. Many of the Flatirons revitalization efforts for Downtown and the Battery Park and Haywood pedestrian route from Pritchard Park both a Flatiron Building funded WiFi system the installation of landscape lighting and music along Battery Park and Haywood Street created a welcoming atmosphere during night-time hours.

Enjoy yourself walking around downtown after the Asheville Symphony performance ended, enjoying a coffee or a mixed drink at Flatiron’s Coffee & Dessert Shop while shopping at the connected retail store.  The new landscape lighting combined with late night store hours creating both activity and life to Asheville Downtown.

The success of a community requires the participation of its vested local business and property owners. In that spirit, the Flatiron has created an ongoing graffiti removal team that roams the Flatiron District managed graffiti along with general litter pick-up and creating a more managed environment for visitors to Asheville.

You are  invite participation of motivated environmentally conscious individuals and business owners. Current R & D classes include; development of a commercial hydro-electric power appliance. The development and prototyping are underway on-site and classes are still available for this project session.

Join us in our development of a sustainable small business community. Be a part of the solution.

Asheville is the best place in America to live. Come participate in a business lifestyle at the Flatiron Building, 20 Battery Park Avenue, Asheville NC.

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