NC Research Development


NC Research development of enterprise requires a new era in cooperation. Renewable energy, sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and new technologies have an important role in this vital mission. Research Development facilitates North Carolina’s advancement of sustainability and renewable energy.

Our organization of experienced engineering, legal, and services based professionals are dedicated to education as a foundation for a economically sound, environmentally healthy, and socially responsible business community.

We are seeking business owners to participate  as a stakeholder in the marketing of a  sustainable business community with services available to consumers who wish to support like-minded business. Sustainable business practices and the maximizing resource efficiency is the key to Small Business success. The Renewabilities Project already has over 60 small business owners who have committed themselves to the project.

Here is a list of our research project interests:

Hydro-power co-generation on circulation loop

Modularized Renewable Energy Facilities manufacturing

Innovative Sustainable Business Development

Photovoltaic Material Science Developers

The Renewabilities Project is an associated group of private organizations, small business and individuals working towards development and advancement of a self-sustainable business community.  If you are a highly skilled, ethical and fair, small business owners and want to participate in the project please register today. Be part of a business experiment.