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The “Renewabilities” non-for-profit brand represents a commitment to healthy choices, life-long learning and sustainable business development.


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We invite you to take a peak at our partnership invitation brochure to share with your board of directors and team. Invitation for Partners in Renewabilities
– Renewabilities Center of Western North Carolina.[/success]

The prospective Renewabilities Campus of Western North Carolina calls for a sustainably designed smart campus to be built in Reems Creek in Buncombe County, Western North Carolina. The planned “Renewabilities Center of Western North Carolina” or “Renewabilities Center” seeks to foster apprenticeships and on-the-job training for gap youth (16-24 year olds), veterans and at risk families during the projects’ prospective construction and build-out. After build-out the center provides for organizing apprentices and interns for prospective tenants. Twenty three two story buildings and a 1kW/yr on-site solar renewable energy facility, a nature preserve and walk-bike Z.Z mile greenway are planned. Projected construction job creation outcome is estimated at ZZZ jobs for Z years. At full capacity for tenancy an estimated ZZZ jobs could be supporting our “innovation in entrepreneurship” mission. Our strategy is to build a facility North of Asheville and NC State Highway 99. Renewabilities Center hopes to host the best of Western North Carolina’s educational institutions and businesses. Our green mixed use campus development model is aimed at connected the Asheville and Western North Carolina brand to significant research and development projects. This eco-accelerator is part of the overall Western North Carolina (WNC) and Asheville’s desire to further our region’s technological innovation. Renewabilities Center is poised to help WNC become the next Silicon Valley or the Raliegh Research Triangle. The Renewabilities Center will feature locally owned shopping and dining experiences. The 1925’s brick architectural exterior facade mimicking Asheville’s Flatiron Building – a Western North Carolina architectural treasure. Click to see our design plan slide show.

Organizations wishing to partner with Renewabilities are invited to participate in our planning and development committee. sustainably constructed and renewably powered mixed use commercial developments and smart plans engineered to provide workforce development and accelerator outcomes for the region.

The general design of this sustainable business campus includes hosting innovative, living wage certified, ecologically responsible and conscious tenants and building partners. Educational institutions, clean tech research and development, health care organizations, media and technology organizations, arts and culture associations and retailers are being sought to establish a rural small business center to cater to a work force development mission. The facilities proposed by REBG, Inc. in these plans>> ( watch our videos ) are based on a silver level of sustainable building and construction standards for the United States. At the center of our intention to have partners is the revival of technical apprenticeships, educational internships and on-the-job training for gap youth, veterans, single parents and struggling families. This rural workforce and job develop theme will balance agricultural, energy and mining operations that are in best practices with the revival of Western North Carolina knowledge and practice centers.

“There are many economic development benefits to a light industrial clean tech small business campus for Western North Carolina. Commercial space that is designed to conserve energy, materials and maintains its own renewable energy facility is what 21st companies are looking for. Partners have a change to commission laboratories, incubators, accelerators, work force development training and new educational and business space. Buncombe County needs a 21st century facility to house the next American technology and art renaissance. ” – Russell Thomas

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  • Community Colleges & Universities
  • Health Care Organizations
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  • Community Foundations
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