Renewabilities Incubator and Campus

The Renewabilities Incubator and Campus to be located at 143 Reems Creek Road near Weaverville, North Carolina is planned by The Renewable Energy Business Group, Inc., (REBG).

The Renewable Energy Business Group, Inc., (REBG) is a North Carolina corporation. REBG, Inc. was formed by transfer from Canyon Creek Estates LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company. Principal facilities and company headquarters are located at 20 Battery Park Avenue, Suite 900, Asheville, NC 28801.

Company core competencies include multiple state level development and construction licensing as well as unlimited electrical contracting certifications. The combination of North Carolina State licenses, 33 years of experience, training in photovoltaic installations makes REBG a uniquely qualified, highly skilled team of professionals. Resumes and brief biographies of key personnel are fully detailed in the business plan.

Market and Opportunity Energy production and consumption have been critical issues in this country for more than 33 years. How we derive energy has deep ramifications in our economy, environment, and for our national security. Renewable electrical energy generation continues to play a central role in alleviating the concerns raised by our national dependence on fossil fuels. In order to promote the growth and economic health of renewable energy generation, both the federal government and many state governments have created economic and financial incentives the renewable energy industry. These incentives, along with consumer demand for green energy, have created a market niche for small scale renewable energy facilities. This niche is where Renewable Energy Business Group, Inc. (REBG) will operate. REBG will construct and manage renewable electric energy generation facilities.

Current Project Status REBG has currently filed a Notice of Proposed Construction of a Renewable Energy Facility with both the Federal Regulatory and North Carolina Utility Commission. The proposed Renewable Energy facilities are located in Western North Carolina and are slated to begin construction by October 31, 2013. The construction of these facilities will be complete no later than October 31, 2014. The Electrical energy produced by each facility will be contracted using a Power Purchase Agreement prior to construction. In addition, a contract to purchase the facility will also be in place. This contract to purchase will be between REBG and pre-selected buyers. These buyers will purchase the facilities five years after the facility is on the power grid. The timing of both construction and transfer or sale of the facility is critical to taking full advantage of the federal government cash incentives. The federal and state incentives will be described in more detail in the full business plan.

Market Strategy Our development of a modular style facility makes new facilities easily scalable to any site and is relatively simple to erect and connect to the power grid. Though REBG is committed to beginning at least two facilities this year, given the erector set nature of our system we continue to seek out additional projects that we can reasonably undertake in this time frame. REBG is not limited by any time frame long term. Our plan is to place facilities of this nature throughout the region while managing and trading the self-created Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) in the national energy marketplace (PJM Interconnect). New incentive opportunities become available constantly in both public and the private sectors.

Definitions A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a marketable instrument of compliance that represents one megawatt hour of electricity supplied by a renewable energy facility. RECs are sold separately from the power generated and are purchased by retail electric utilities, government agencies, universities and large industrial facilities that have a regulatory obligation to comply with renewable energy use standards. By purchasing RECs, these buyers show they are meeting their renewable energy obligations. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Offsets are similar to RECs but these certificates represent the amount of carbon-based greenhouse gases from fossil fuels to produce electricity. The purchase of GHG offsets is voluntary commonly referred to as carbon offsets, these are typically traded in a commodity exchange such as the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Future Expansion Contract management of renewable energy facilities other than REBG-owned is another business activity we plan to pursue. We have a natural clientele in those, preselected buyers of the power facilities outlined in our exit strategy. Management service includes facility monitoring and maintenance, along with regulatory compliance, in regards to energy production metering.

In the long term, REBG will take advantage of upcoming federal funding for the development of a modular electric recharging station prototype for the recharging of electric and hybrid vehicles. Combine the REBG solar facility model with the Green recharging stations and you have a marketing opportunity.