Small Business


Today’s workforce training requires expertise in the implementation of smart business practices. Our communities, businesses, institutions and government are now faced with serious challenges in implementing intelligently and planned infrastructure. Because Mindful infrastructure design has become best business practice. Business to business relationships has become the keystone principle to rapidly growing your independently owned Small Business. Professions engaged in building a fundamentally sound business depend on their network of environment start with innovative surroundings and the ability to associate with other like minded small business people.   The nature of small business requires a good supply of highly functioning qualified workers.   Training a  highly trained the technical knowledge and training they require to keep-up with the rapidly advancing technology and shifting marketplace.

The ongoing and fully funded Small Business project known as the Historic Flatiron Building. is now complete and is moving to phase two. The building is now recognized as the largest collection per foot of Small Business in all of North Carolina. Over 68  highly trained, readily available located in one location. Phase two involves the creation of online Flatiron Services Directory laws ry of its members and associates and a b   Flatiron Campus is located in Asheville’s Historic Central Business District. This community of sustainable minded Small Business Owners would group-market themselves to local sustainable conscious consumers. Members would market as a community of sustainable minded professional services. All members enjoy the use of the Flatiron’s many meeting rooms and areas. The Flatiron’s Campus style is perfect for young or experience Small Business owners. Food services include the World Coffee Cafe and the famous Sky Bar located high above Asheville’s scenic skyline. Membership includes a mailbox with 24/7 access. Business memberships start at $35 a month which include a mailbox. Be a part of supporting business owners that have made the Flatiron their business address.  Be a business member at Asheville’s historic Flatiron Building . The building is over 88 years old. Its history is long as the premier office building through-out it’s life. Be part of North Carolinas largest community of Small Business Owners. Grow your business at the Flatiron.

Renewabilities provides access to green professional certifications, trainings, and continuing education credits for electricians, plumbers, general contractors, real estate agents, engineers, architects, planners, project managers and sustainable system installers.

Addtionally, Renewabilities acts as a gateway for research and development of sustainable science projects for the benefit of its me to embers.