The Renewabilities Concept

The Renewabilities Concept

The idea of renewabilities is as old as the sun itself. The concept of renewabilities points to the capacity and ability to have self-mending properties. While we know renewal is part life, The idea of joining together and creating a supportable business ecology depends on the self sustaining systems powered by education. With knowledge sharing as part of your business day new abilities are developed.

re·new·abilities adverb -ˈnü-ə-bəl, -ˈnyü-
1. power or capacity to mend physically, mentally, legally, morally, or financially.
2. competence based on training, natural skill, or other qualification in sustainable practices.

re·new·abil·i·ty noun renewable noun re·new·ably adverb

Examples of re·new·abilities: (1) they used their to refurbish the equipment. (2) the earth has renewabilities. (3) the economy has renewabilities that are based on people working to get the most out of every resource.

First known use of word re·new·ability was 1727.

The 20th and 21st century has seen the advancement of mimicking natural biotic and abiotic systems especially their adaptive, renewable and self-regenerative characteristics. At the same time the world has been advancing human freedom and empowerment across nations. This has included a deeper journey into the human condition. Since before the age of enlightenment, the ability to adapt, heal and renew our bodies, minds and spirits has been a quest to the heart of personal evolution. The search for both physical and psychological renewabilities is an intertwined exploration that has limitless potential.


new (adj.)
Old English neowe, niowe, earlier niwe “new, fresh, recent, novel, unheard-of, different from the old; untried, inexperienced,” from Proto-Germanic *newjaz (cf. Old Saxon niuwi, Old Frisian nie, Middle Dutch nieuwe, Dutch nieuw, Old High German niuwl, German neu, Danish and Swedish ny, Gothic niujis “new”), from PIE *newo- “new” (cf. Sanskrit navah, Persian nau, Hittite newash, Greek neos, Lithuanian naujas, Old Church Slavonic novu, Russian novyi, Latin novus, Old Irish nue, Welsh newydd “new”).

The adverb is Old English niwe, from the adjective. New math in reference to a system of teaching mathematics based on investigation and discovery is from 1958. New World (adj.) to designate phenomena of the Western Hemisphere first attested 1823, in Lord Byron; the noun phrase is recorded from 1550s. New Deal in the FDR sense attested by 1932. New school in reference to the more advanced or liberal faction of something is from 1806. New Left (1960) was a coinage of U.S. political sociologist C. Wright Mills (1916-1962). New light in reference to religions is from 1640s. New frontier, in U.S. politics, “reform and social betterment,” is from 1934 but associated with John F. Kennedy’s use of it in 1960.

renew (v.)
late 14c., from re- “again” + Middle English newen “resume, revive, renew” (see new); formed on analogy of Latin renovare. Related: Renewed; renewing.

The renewabilities concept for business relies on the idea of the power of many. Communities rely upon individuals to collectively work together for a common goal. Since before Europeans arrived in the America’s the special nature of Western North Carolina’s Native American communities have exemplified a special spirit of resilience, self sufficiency and renewal. This spirit continues to inspire the modern communities of the Southern Appalachia’s who’s special mountain environment has produced select geographical and cultural advantages. Asheville is well known as a center of knowledge, small business enterprise and sustainable research and development.

As a collaborative effort the Flatiron building has hosted several note worthy projects and contributions on behalf of the downtown area. How the business community has cooperated around these endeavors embodies the spirit of renewabilities. Join our classes or visit our Skybar and experience our lovely Western vistas. Perhaps the view of these lovely Appalachian mountains can inspire renewability in you.

From SustainAbilities:

Using a condominium style ownership to purchase and maintain a commercial Renewable Energy Facility (REF) which is connected to the power grid is unique. When a person make the decision to purchase a Energy Condo they join with others to form a grid-tied Privately Owned Utility (POU). Operating as a condominium each PV unit owner owns his or her actual PV module(s) and its hookup position in the REF. The unit owner also owns a common element an undivided portion to of all related connecting inverter equipment and wiring which connects the unit owner’s PV unit to the power grid. Because of government incentives, PV unit owners are eligible for tax credits (link to DSIRE page) at both State and Federal levels along with an effective 100% depreciation of the cost of the PV panel / module.
These are part of an effort by the US Government to create alternative its fuel sources for the creation electric power to a renewable energy solution. In addition to the creation of tax credits the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in 2006 under the Bush (#43) administration issued Order #888. This FERC Mandate breaks up US Electric Utilities long standing monopoly and control over all utility lines by opening access to power grids across the US. The FERC order #888 forces public power utilities to submit an Open Access Transmission Tariff. This tariff schedule is required by FERC to demonstrate fair and not create a barrier for new POU companies entering the market the allows Privately Owned Utility (POU) companies to contract and move their self-generated electricity created from renewable resources from one point to another point. The FERC placed caveats and restrictions on any POU power being transmitted across the grid. Firstly, only Business to Business (B2B) transactions may be contracted (not residential).
Secondly, the POU must not be over charged by the interconnect utility provider at a fair rate based cost for the use of the transmission lines or any distribution systems. Utility member will placed have their PV panel on the grid How can regular income working class citizens both help the environment and create a tax shelter? The answer is to participate, purchase an energy condominium. When you make the commitment to purchase solar panels you become part of the solution to energy independence. REBG’s founders have been leading the way in the lic in the electrical contracting and principles have a historic designated and passive solar 9 story skyscraper in downtown Asheville for over 29 years. Their collective experience in transforming prime real estate into partial commercial condominiums and fractional ownership has prepared them for establishing a Sustainable Business Commercial Condominium within the definitive and established real estate and commercial codes of federal and North Carolina state regulation.The power of many has never been more clear REBG’s COO, Russell Thomas is also maintained active General Contractor, Electrical Contractor and Real Estate Broker licenses each for 33 years. He managed to condoization of the Flatiron Building at Wall Street and Battery Park in Asheville, North Carolina. He also built a historic association approved passive solar array on the roof of the Flatiron Building which supplies hot water for the building. Mr. Thomas manages the Flatiron Building in addition to all its value-added features such as the World Coffee Cafe and it’s Sky Bar balconies Thomas’ vision to reduce the Flatiron carbon footprint significantly has moved in to reality.
Our Solar Power Plant has been approved by federal and state registered and approved . This which will supply all the power needs of the Flatiron Building annually has been independent of retail, office or facility space and claim the airspace and solar panel appliance as real estate has been left by the SEC as a matter of real estate law and not securities. For someone seeking entry into the commercial real estate membership to a planned business community is a great place to start. has designed a real estate development opportunity that includes a complete multi-use facility. Projects can be engaged in separately whether you are looking with interest at getting a stake holder account or supporting small business in WNC. The genius of the business plan is that the power from the solar facility powers the common areas. Additionally, the project allows a lower barrier to entry with Energy Condo panel units for as little as $1500@240kwh output. As the project continues to develop and interest grow in the sustainable business campus model. The Reems Creek Sustainabilties and Renewabilities Campus will enjoy a new level of growth by offering light industrial, flex warehouse style commercial space for sustainable minded business in our region such as food grade processing, Sustainable R&D, Workforce Development and Education and other independent green projects. This campus will feature, promote, and unite local and regional renewable energy oriented business vendors into a unique business alliance. Together we plan to create the most comprehensive renewable energy cooperative, manufacturing, development, and educational facility within hundreds of miles. To accomplish our mission, this Smart Business Commercial Condominium (SBCC) uses its common elements, such as parking lots, to create income for alliance members. For example, twenty-four feet above the parking areas, we will build a grid-tied 500 kWh Photovoltaic (PV) solar powered facility which will generate income for condominium owners. Our on-site participation range from ownership in a classic light industrial/mixed use commercial development, to a single PV module owner which is part of the 500 kWh Renewable Energy Facility. In addition to ownership participation, individual business owners are encouraged to register as an task contract participant. These registered and qualified participant will field call created through the renewabilities campus’ as it carries out it’s primary objective to consumer awareness and a move to and transformation of individual owners into a cohesive group of sustainable and mindful business owners working together. The Renewabilities Campus uses education as an anchor to promote an innovative partnerships between Flatiron consumers centered around fair and ethical business practices in order to be part of our sustainable community. of like-minded solution . Using the marketing of a comprehensive Green Service Group to usher in a commercial market for sustainability.